Train the Trainer

September 21-22 9:00-4:o0

Day One


Engaging the HEART, Opening the Mind

Whether you are speaking to 2 people or 200 people, you must engage the audiences mind and heart to be effective. As training facilitators, we prepare the social and psychological environments necessary for change and growth. If it sounds like a huge responsibility – it is! Engaging the heart and opening the mind will help you refine your craft of connecting with adult learners in genuine and meaningful ways. These best practices will benefit mentors, directors, trainers and managers.


Day Two

Taking off the Training Wheels: Beyond the PowerPoint

Ready to stand on your own as a speaker, rather than just delivering a PowerPoint? Can you adapt when your technology fails? Are props propping you up? Become a dynamic speaker through the art of storytelling and conversational speaking. Make your workshop memorable by connecting with your audience and leaving your mark. In this session, you will develop a presentation style that is organized, passionate, engaging and natural. We will discuss understanding your audience and practicing effectively so that your skills do not fail under pressure.

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