May 14

Session 1 - Finding Your Voice: Turning your expertise into effective workshops


Trainers are most effective when they are talking about topics they are passionate about. As a teacher or administrator, you may have done it all and it may be challenging to find your perfect power topic. In this session, discover how to turn your hard-earned knowledge into a dynamic workshop that will help others in their professional development. We will also examine teaching styles and find the fit for you.


Session 2 - Creating Content: Workshopping your workshop


In this work session, brainstorm and collaborate with other professionals to develop your workshop content and training plan. Get expert guidance on crafting an effective workshop while discovering new resources and content sources. Finish the day with a new training plan and resource file!


July 16

Session 1 - Taking off the Training Wheels: Beyond the PowerPoint 


Ready to stand on your own as a speaker, rather than just delivering a PowerPoint? Can you adapt when your technology fails? Are props propping you up? Become a dynamic speaker through the art of storytelling and conversational speaking. Make your workshop memorable by connecting with your audience and leaving your mark. In this session, you will develop a presentation style that is organized, passionate, engaging and natural. We will discuss understanding your audience and practicing effectively so that your skills do not fail under pressure.


Session 2 - Tools of the Trade: Projectors, programs, bags, and books!


We will provide an overview of some of the best resources and equipment to be an effective trainer. From creating effective handouts to having the right technology, preparation and organization provides the foundation for a successful workshop. Discover sources for video clips, easy to read articles, and other online resources. Troubleshot some of the common challenges and find answers.


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