Play Studio is a carefully curated play space for young children and their families offering unique materials and environments to inspire exploration, creativity, discovery, and independence. Parents are able to allow their children to move, explore and play without interruption or fear.

Play Studio materials and environments are inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia and are designed to support the development of the whole child. We respect the child as an independent person with plans and ideas, and provide the space and time the child needs to fully execute and explore their own ideas. Play Studio is not intended to entertain the child, but instead to provide a workshop for their own creative interests.

Our RIE®-inspired parent-infant and parent-toddler classes provide a peaceful and safe environment where babies can be babies and new parents can relax and enjoy their child’s unfolding development. Designed around free movement and play, we allow infants to move, explore, and engage with other infants. As parents, we learn to observe our infants, understand them better, feel more confident in our ability to respond to their needs, and enjoy them more.

Parents and babies alike find community in our classes.  We share the magical moments and the trying moments and learn from each other.  We explore common parenting issues with guidance and shared wisdom:

  • reading baby’s cues and responding

  • the natural development of movement

  • crying, sleeping, feeding/eating

  • language development

  • how babies learn discipline

  • developing strategies for challenging times

  • nurturing our babies for a secure future

  • setting up your environment

  • diapering and toilet learning

Meet the Staff

Audrey Rowland, MS, MBA

Audrey Rowland has over 15 years of experience as an early childhood professional. 


Drawing from her expertise as a teacher and administrator, Audrey creates resources and provides professional development for early educators, administrators, parents, and policy-makers.  Audrey is grounded in theory and practice that emphasizes developmentally appropriate and high-quality early education. 


She is an engaging speaker and trainer, translating information into application and inspiring teachers and professionals. 

Beth Edwards

Beth has over 25 years as a an early childhood professional.

She draws from her experience as a toddler and early childhood teacher, as well as a combined eleven years as assistant director and director of preschools while working with parents and children.

Beth enjoys sharing knowledge, experiences and her passion for child development with all she works with. She is especially passionate when it comes to environments, play, art, science and sensory development.

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