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Nature Play Equipment, Environment Design Services & Installation

The Green Space Outdoor Learning Team of OLE! Texas Certified Outdoor Learning Environment Designers, create equipment, designs and nature spaces that are safe, high-value, and best-practice for providing children with exceptional learning experiences through open-ended nature play. 


Materials & Playground Equipment

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Green Space Learning crafts custom made pieces that inspire nature play. We custom build each element from unique, natural and sustainable materials.

Green Space Learning's nature play equipment is designed and built to last for years of enjoyment and open-ended learning opportunities.
Installation and local delivery to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex are included with purchase. To receive a delivery outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please send us a message.  

Natural Playgrounds &

Outdoor Environment Design

Green Space Learning provides custom designed, high-quality, innovative outdoor environments for young children. With a focus on safety and usability, our spaces are easy to maintain and can be enjoyed by all ages. 

Outdoor elements include spaces for large motor and big body play that provide opportunities for climbing, crawling, and jumping. Our spaces for infants and toddlers are designed to eliminate hazards while allowing for appropriate risk taking.


Climbing elements are less than 20” from the ground, minimizing the need for fall zone materials. The use of hills and natural grades safely provide exciting and big body play without the typical playground challenges. 

Areas for construction, mud and water play, sensory and loose parts play are also featured in our spaces. Creative expression through art, music, and dramatic play find new energy when taken outside. Defined and open-ended areas create balance from individual, small group, or large group activity. 

Many of our outdoor environments include gardening and tinkering areas, allowing children to engage in long-term projects and collaborations.

From design consulting to turn-key installation, Green Space Learning provides a variety of services and levels of support. 

​View our Customizable Service Options for pricing and menu of services offered.

Child Development & Nature Play

Research supports nature play time and again, demonstrating its importance for healthy and successful child development. 

Some of the most notable areas of benefit are physical and sensory development, problem solving and creative thinking, enhanced social and communication skills, mathematic and scientific skill development, and risk assessment. 

To learn more about the benefits of nature play, our partner Texas Children in Nature offers the following online resource of up-to-date research. 

Collaborations & Partnerships

Our outdoor learning environment designers are OLE! Texas Certified in Early Childhood Environments.


Partnerships with Texas Children in Nature, Nature Learning Initiative (NLI) and Healthy Child Care Texas bring us closer to our goal of making nature play accessible to all children.

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