Step 1: 

Click on your name on the Student Portfolio list

Step 2: 

Enter your unique password given by your CDA instructor. Do not share this with anyone. 

Step 3: 

Click "sign in" to create a Dropbox account.

You cannot edit your portfolio until you've made an account. 

Step 4: 

 Create a Dropbox account.

You can sign in using an existing Google or Apple account, or create an account with your email.

Step 5: 

 After you login to your Dropbox account, you will be able to view your Professional Portfolio.

Step 6: 

Click on your Portfolio to open it.

This is a preview, you cannot edit it yet.

Step 7: 

Click "Open" in the right-hand corner. You have several options to edit your Portfolio. If you do not have Microsoft Word, Google Docs is free.

Step 8: 

Remember to save your work when using Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Double check that your work saved in Dropbox.

Contact your instructor if you need additional help.

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