Director/Administrator Workshops

Communicating Across Generations

There are currently four generations in the workforce.  Each generation has unique qualities, including communication and work styles.  This session helps participants to recognize the generational differences that can cause conflict and impede teamwork.  We will discuss best practices for communication, performance management, and talent retention. 


Leading with Heart: Motivating and Retaining Staff

Create a culture of encouragement and empowerment in your program, increasing retention and employee engagement.  When it comes to motivating people to higher standards of performance, nothing - not even money - works as powerfully as the recognition of individual effort and achievement. Yet this leadership skill is one many leaders find hardest to command. During this workshop, participants will learn the 7 essentials of encouragement, complete the Encouragement Index, and discuss best practices for effective leadership.  Based on Encouraging the Heart by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.


Finding the Right Fit: Recruitment and Hiring

The most important role in the center is the caregiver. Yet the hiring process for this critical role is often rushed. Recruitment of quality staff is challenging and takes time and effort. The director must find a balance between meeting the pressing demands of enrollment and ratios with finding the right caregiver to fill the position. In this training, we will discuss how to pro-actively hire talented teachers that will add to the quality of the program. We will learn best practices for managing the labor budget, hiring for attitude and training for skill, and creating a culture of quality.


Performance Management: Building a High-Quality Team

Do you spend most of your time and energy focused on your most challenging employees? A simple, consistent performance management plan can alleviate the stress of performance management and create a culture of quality. Develop a system for managing performance, including job descriptions, goal settings, reviews and accountability.


Effective Parent Partnerships

Programs: Infants-Preschool (Can be customized for each program)

The role of the parent is to advocate for their child.  This advocacy can come in many forms and can sometimes generate conflict between caregivers, teachers, and parents.  In this session we will discuss the important role of parents, how to respond appropriately to inappropriate parents, and how to develop effective partnerships were both parties are respected and actively working for the good of the child. 




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