Playful Art: Process Art & Creative Expression

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1 Hour

Playful Art: Process Art & Creative Expression


Audrey Rowland

Audrey is a Master Trainer with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (#1743).

About this course

The act of creating and exploring art materials is valuable play time. Children experiment with ideas and materials, enjoying the process of art while being mostly unconcerned with the finished product. Just like the dramatic play center or the block center, art should be a space for play.

In this series we will explore the role of play in the development of the brain, body and behavior. A childhood rich in play experience is the foundation to success in school and life - building knowledge, curiosity, resilience, communication, initiative, collaboration, and confidence. Play helps children and adults regulate emotions and alleviate stress. Supporting play is one of the most critical responsibilities we have to our children.