Play: Dramatic Play that Matters

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Play: Dramatic Play that Matters


Beth Edwards

Beth has over 30 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She enjoyed 16 years as a classroom teacher before transitioning to administration. During her time as an administrator, she was presented with opportunities to build and launch preschool programs. In 2018,Beth joined Green Space Learning full time as a trainer and consultant. In addition, she manages Play Studio by Green Space. Beth is a Texas registered trainer and a Childcare Health Consultant. Forever a student of Early Childhood Education, Beth is dedicated to sharing experiences and ideas with other ECE professionals. She is passionate about advocating for and preserving high-quality play in childhood. Beth’s favorite training topics include creating sensory rich, engaging environments for children, play based learning, EC best practices, nature play, process art, and toddler play schemas.

Trainer #23967 Registered with the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS)

About this course

Pretend play dominates the preschool years and for good reason - it builds expressive language skills, problem solving, empathy and cooperation. Pretend play is also a critical outlet for difficult emotions, challenging experiences and safe risk taking.

In this series we will explore the role of play in the development of the brain, body and behavior. A childhood rich in play experience is the foundation to success in school and life - building knowledge, curiosity, resilience, communication, initiative, collaboration, and confidence. Play helps children and adults regulate emotions and alleviate stress. Supporting play is one of the most critical responsibilities we have to our children.