A Way to Risky Play

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1 Hour

A Way to Risky Play


Mat Dusza

Mat has over 15 years of Early Childhood experience. He began his Early Childhood career as a Preschool Teacher in Australia. He moved to Texas in 2002 where he has worked as a Program Coordinator, Assistant Director, and Director. Mat shares his passion for natural outdoor environments as the Playgrounds Director for Green Space Learning & Development. His journey in this amazing and important field has been inspiring and fulfilling. Working with our future generations has allowed him to appreciate the importance of the Early Childhood profession and how we can now together develop that as professionals working with children and families.

About this course

Children gain critical cognitive, physical and even emotional skills when engaging in child-directed risk. This includes both physical risk (balancing, leaping, climbing) and social risk (inviting a new friend to play).

When we prevent all risks in the name of safety, we rob children of the skills to accurately assess and navigate common situations.

In this session we will identify the differences between risk and hazards, examine our role in children's play, and develop strategies to support healthy risk.