Classroom Management

Classroom Management: Inclusion strategies for diverse behaviors

Program:  Twos and Preschool

Discussion of challenging behaviors, strategies for classroom management and simple approaches for children with undiagnosed or high functioning social skills disorders (i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorders, ODD, and Sensory Integration Disorders). Participants will gain practical knowledge on how to adjust the classroom to include all children and maintain a developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum.

A Place For Everyone: Meeting the needs of children with behavior differences

Children with challenging behaviors (ADHD, ODD), autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders, and social/emotional delays often struggle to be successful in classrooms designed for typically developing children. However, with thoughtful preparation, teacher training, and parent partnership, we can create inclusive programs that welcome children with special needs. In this session, we will talk candidly about when and how we can meet these needs and what to do when we can’t. We will discuss policies and practices that improve inclusion while supporting teachers.

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